The Mission

“Transference Records : Uniting music and technology to co-create inclusive community and a unified future.”

We are an internationally based record label that draws those called to present their truth in music and song to amplify the harmonious resonance of the earth by co-creating a unified consciousness that speaks with love and compassion, at it’s source, to every light body, spirit and soul on Mother Gaia. Each artist (or group) must perform in the 432Hz healing frequency which facilitates healing in both the audiences and for Gaia, Mother Earth.

Our intention for Transference Records is to create a website that connects all eco-friendly and ‘off grid’ communities via a universal connector map. This map pin-points the location and population of each community on a world grid for closer connection. Each community will have a spokesperson who will communicate directly with Transference Records on behalf of their whole community.

As we ascertain what each community actually needs we will put out a ‘call to action’ through the website for other individual communities to respond to. For example, a community in Costa Rica needs water bottles and kitchen utensils. We would then ask each community if they have surplus items and we would pay all shipping costs for these items to be delivered.

We aim to stage ‘conscious concerts’ to raise funds, where musical groups within a community are brought together to share musical skill sets with other groups. We will use the website to encourage Local Councils, Government Departments and Grant Committees to provide the relevant infrastructure to professionally stage these fund-raising musical events. The proceeds from ticket sales and donations will be re-directed to fund water purification programs and community support initiatives.

The Transference Records website will act as a convergence point to bring musicians together and to feature their music in high quality play back. Once the artist has a fan base, they will have the option to use our online storefront to sell products to their growing audience. 15% of any and all sales generated will go to the label as a holding service fee for hosting the content. It is the intention of the label to make additional and bonus material available as a free gift to the purchaser which will encourage them to buy through our site exclusively.

‘Shanti Shanti and blessings of joy to all’.

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