The Completion Principle is an eclectic collection of psychedelic, spiritual vibration and space rock style tracks with that timeless edge that creates the ultimate revelation in who we are, how far we’ve come in our earthly evolution and how we are now equipped with all the knowledge we need to turn things around and save our beloved planet. The music on this album reverse engineers all the duality and all the distraction and conditioning we have been enslaved and subjected to through the course of our existence. The healing tracks especially encoded at 432Hz frequency on this album will help one better understand their place in the world and how through a little self correction everyday they can turn their lives around to embrace a higher vibration through sonic frequency and unified thinking that will generate greater balance, abundance, love and compassion on the planet for all to share. Transference is proud to be the conduit to present the healing harmony in an amplified sense in these songs that create the universal health and wellness of one’s individual place on planet earth. Let the healing begin!

Each individual song forms an integral part of the journey as we weave a unique and new tapestry of human existence on a new planet.

1. Alderaan (Planet of light)
We leave the disunity of planet earth which has fallen to the will of the elite who have managed to hold us captive in a prison created for our minds and degraded the earths resources to a poor showing of what once was and travel with hope to Alderaan, the planet of light. Here we will remember our humble origins as we embark on a new journey of evolution to serve our higher purpose in life with love, compassion and tolerance for a future without boundary’s

2. The Anticipation
We are now on Alderaan and our anticipation of what lies before us fills us with hope and gratitude as our new world unfolds before us.

3. As the Elements
We witness just how many of the same natural occurrences are active on the planet including storms, hurricanes, earth quakes and realise that we need to find a true balance between nature and ourselves if we are going to survive.

4. Impossible Me
As greed in the new incarnation of humanity takes hold we find ourselves confronted with age old emotions that trigger past addictions in our genetic make up which draw out many levels of the duality we were brainwashed to accept on earth but now find manifesting in our deepest relationships. To put it mildly, a thorn in my side.

5. El Nino
Just as the title suggest this track is all about shift and change. Realizing that all the highs, lows heavens and hell’s all lie and exist within us. Coming to grips with our own mortality and our deficiency’s in the individual sense of ourselves allows us to think positively about the power of the collective conscious and how it affects us all.

6. Her Logical Mind
Trying to make an informed decision of what the left or creative side of the brain is in direct opposition to the analytical and problem side of the right side of the brain we come to the conclusion that mass consciousness tends to lean to what is awkwardly logical and so adopted by the bulk of the new population. But is it the right choice or is it simply a guaranteed revisit of a past paradigm that led us to the brink of destruction in the first place? Only time will tell…yet time is a river and completely circular by nature so by all logic it has no beginning and no end.

7. Stone Circles
This track speaks of the lost purity and truth that we left behind in search of new frontiers but just like earth there is a price to pay and our ancient ancestors were all too aware of what that meant when ego first reared it’s ugly head and the peace and harmony of the matriarchal system gave way to the more dualistic patriarchal system that took our divine nature and twisted into something ugly and nonsensical.

8. Light Giving Light
This song continues to track our journey as we hop from one side of our new planet to the other. We are reminded by our subconscious mind of all the damage we did by raping the resources from earth to serve our own selfish agenda’s and now we realise just by calming our mindset that the distractions were just illusionary and part of the construct of linear consciousness fed by duality where we felt that we needed one thing in our lives to balance another which we now find out through the enlightened words of Jimi Hendrix that this is a fallacy all part of the chained conditioning of our captured mind.

9. Skydome
As the terraform on Alderaan begins to take shape and the new habitats built by the colony come together we find the people breaking off into splintered groups to form their alliances against the emerging hierarchy of power that desperately tries to enforce new laws and rules to keep the people in check and from running amok. The Skydome is a personal reflection of where people find themselves within a community consciousness and how this affects the very nature of spirituality and the new order on the planet.

10. Desert Sands of Time
Our emotional destiny begins to lighten up and so our feelings of belonging to be one with the new land sweep across the vast open spaces like the vast desert sands of our past where we felt completely locked into a regime of conditioned reality and being serving the masters of invention who we believed to be the divine gods who held the key to life and enlightened existence.

11. Crystal Caverns
Many of us who have been in search of amplified harmony have splintered off into cells and have escaped into the vast crystal caverns filled with light and love and these caves become the harmonic generators of the new world. Just as the ancients used the Pyramids and the Megalithic structures to amplify health and harmony the crystal caverns are extensions of our heart urge and our need to be one with all.

12. Love is All
The community is growing ever stronger and the heart of it’s evolution is the universal love that everyone shares together. It keeps them strong and focused away from the distractions of their mundane and mediocre lives.

13. Gargangalah
We realise that the original people on the planet are indigenous and Aboriginal in nature. Having been seeded by a great crystal spear from the Pleiades at Uluru in the center of Australia. We discover a small population of these native people in a remote corner of the new land and the elders set time aside to teach us about our pending future.

14. Leave the World Behind
Talking candidly about the balance that exists between the divine feminine and the divine masculine energy’s and the way they break down our need to believe in a yin and yang doctrine for both beings have exactly the same dna strands and molecular structure as each other.

15. This Moment
We have consulted with our ancient elders, become in tune with our makers and arrive at a cross roads where we feel the purity ad truth of all that we stand for surround us and nourish our existence. Like a bird of nature we want to be free. Freedom is perception and our conscious mind can later it in a heart beat and so all that keeps us locked inside conditioned reality like ice melts away and the sun comes out to rebirth us each new day.

16. No stone Unturned
We have consulted with our ancient elders, become in tune with our makers and arrive at a cross roads where we feel the purity ad truth of all that we stand for surround us and nourish our existence. Like a bird of nature we want to be free. Freedom is perception and our conscious mind can later it in a heart beat and so all that keeps us locked inside conditioned reality like ice melts away and the sun comes out to rebirth us each new day.

17. The Ozaki 8
The term Ozaki 8 refers to the eight individual challenges to generate complete harmony with nature in order to achieve Nirvana. Our pathway to enlightenment as charged light bodies of pure light and energy is only limited by our imagination and here we find that the human will has the power to overcome and we are indeed capable of anything we put our conscious mind to…even what our limited terminology deems to be impossible is achievable.

18. Breathless and Soulless
With the colony firmly established into it’s routine we take a moment to remember where we came from, the reliance on duality that we left behind and the thought of feeling stifled in the old mutant 3D paradigm of our past. But now even in the new world we feel somewhat in a state of manipulation as the new world order is put in place and it feels like Orwells 1984 all over again. Many of us turn to the old ways and the remembrance of just how breathless and soulless our old existence used to be. God forbid that we enter the same emotional and conscious space here in the new world.

19. Smoke Moon
Its getting harder to maintain balance and a center of individual spiritual growth as there are now so many rules imposed on our pathway and this causes frustration to manifest and the emotional out pour from the colony turns ugly.

20. Mirror Image
Somewhere on the planet we encounter a pure and untouched crystal cave where we drew our natural power source from the cavern to run our new habitat. Deeper into the cave we find ourselves in what seems to be a circular room filed with violet light with absolute pure and clear crystal surrounds in which we can see the doubling mirror image of ourselves. And it here that we realize that once again our purity and truth is shrouded in the human uniform that we use to manifest our physical self. But what we have realized is that under the illuysionary construct we have created for ourselves to feel energetically held in this new environment is that love is all and now to embrace it we need to journey face, transcend and forgive the the dark shadow energy that surrounds us from the cradle to the grave.

21. Dystopia
A psychedelic trip through a Shamanic experience into our distant past to find the purity and truth we so desperately seek in our new lives. Pearls of wisdom as to an understanding of our place in spatial dimension and divine incarnation where we step well outside the construct of linear consciousness in to the circle of life and the sphere of cyclical consciousness where we are all one with the universe and the cosmos.

22. Start with Loving Yourself
As we continue to evolve and realize exactly where we are at in the scheme of the new landscape where we are once again find ourselves loggerheads with Duality and the Ascension to our higher selves we begin to love our very own being and co0me to grips that we are eternal sentient beings living an earthly existence but this time around we have a more enlightened consciousness so our mistakes are fewer and our spiritual growth much greater.

23. The Answer
What is it exactly? Is it a figment of our conditioned subconscious reality and does it exist at all within the dimensional space that we live and operate at. Its really so simple change the perception and we automatically and energetically alter the terminology associated with that perception. So in short every moment is a conscious choice and every moment is fleeting and temporary with any one of a number of workable pathways. We are the answer and all we have to do is just stop looking for it and allow the natural order of the mother universe to just manifest itself to us. Isn’t that what the emotional density that anchors our happiness and human frailty in this life really all about?

24. The Spencer Memorial Home
WE arrive finally at the point of no return and once again it’s the will of the few that dominate the many. The song speaks of the abuse and contradiction that authority has over it’s lesser counterparts and the way the weaker will always be manipulated by greed and power. We have presented this in the form of a mental home for incurable patients back on planet earth where the highest order of Christian religion is used as a justification for sexual abuse and manipulation. If you don’t mind us asking….what is it that we have truly learned?


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    Love this

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  • Completion Principle 432Hz

    Much astral travelling happening here. This album is a “Google Map” of interplanetary journeys. Plus, in a voice-over reminiscent of a NASA official talking about space programs, the narrator on this album’s tracks authoritatively explains the relevance of cosmic energy to humans on earth now. The interplay of a large variety of instruments and a plethora of vocal tones, including a hint of Gregorian chanting on one track, gives this album a depth that requires much attentiveness. It needs to be listened to many times in order for all the profound messages to be isolated and considered individually. A feast for the ears and emotions. There are so many textures here, it will leave you sated and serene.

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