Empowerment Corner

“An invitation to all Truth Seekers”

Transcendence – the Inner Journey, understanding and implementing the Ascension symptoms in our lives. Welcome to a new phase of your conscious evolution, the fact that your here reading this, right now is a direct reflection that the 3D world you live in no longer works for you and that your SEARCHING for something better.

Well look no further as the tools of empowerment are right here and available right NOW. You see as time shifted light body’s we all awake to our true potential and sovereign power at different times which makes the challenge of living in the Gaia classroom such an awesome experience. You have to agree that if things in your life were smooth sailing all the way every day that life on planet earth would be pretty boring….right? So now that your here let’s get started and begin a whole new chapter as we close an old one in 2018.

The audio presented here are simple insights designed specifically to empower you and give YOU the tools to reach your TRUE potential. Now let me qualify from the get go that we are not qualified nor certified practitioners of health and wellness. In fact WE ARE quite the opposite, simple musicians, composers, artisans that have a love for sharing knowledge, personal experience and the buzz of living light of heart that brings joy and happiness into our lives every day. So what’s the buzz, tell me what’s happening?

Simply listen to the audio offered here and if it truly resonates then register at the bottom left corner of the website with your full name and email address and in the comments section just acknowledge that YOU want to learn more. That’s it! We are compiling a like minded and consciously aware individual database of contacts so that you can receive special access to the site to download these audios, important PDF’s of conscious information and access to a vault of hand picked videos that will assist you on your journey to deeper Transcendence and the conscious process of Transmuting all that no longer serves your highest good.

Thanks to all
The Transference Records team

Audio can be played back at any point during the recording by clicking in the player

Empowerment Corner Introduction

Fractal of First Source Invocation

Divergent Breathing Technique


The Power of Water Analogy


Eternal Love Mantra for Daily Empowerment


The power of Agenda Vs Responsibility in the new Age Analogy


Transmutation of Virus and Infections in the Space Suit


What is the 432Hz Healing Frequency


Everything is Medicine


Heart Prayer for Humanity 432Hz


How Can Illness be of Real Benefit and Why?


Whale and Water Bridge Meditation in 432Hz


The Pleiades Energy Process


The Conveyer Belt of Thoughts Analogy


Solstice and Full Moon Compliance Insight


Higher Resonance with Self and We are all Mirrors Analogy


Understanding the AI and the Energy of 5th Density in our Beingness


The Cube of Light Guided Meditation


Time Shifting and the Infinite Capacity to Grow


The Mandela Effect – Quantum Re Genesis


What is LOVE in 2019






Powerful LIVE Videos – Melbourne (Australia)



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