Riki Buckingham

Riki Buckingham

Riki ‘Rixsta’ Buckingham is a talented and unsigned musician, vocalist, song-writer and medium/healer. He has been creating his own material since the tender age of 15, so in the last 18 years his style and musical feeling has matured and blossomed.
His vocals are round, warm and soulful, they come from the heart with an honesty and openness that is rarely seen these days. His guitar playing is beautiful with a style that is his own as he has never taken formal lessons. Musically his work has elements of funk, soul, blues and has influences from other countries mainly in flamenco, bossanova and eastern styles.

Riki is a natural improviser; no two gigs are the same!


He plays everything with feeling ‘in the moment’ as he gets bored just playing the same things over and over again! If other musicians are available he loves to jam and create something new from the mixture of peoples’ abilities – he tends to bring the best out in other musicians, giving them the space and energy to express. He has an impressive back-catalogue of collaborations/jams with other musicians and solo projects. His solo work has included simple and beautifully melodic pieces, through to full band-style pieces where he has recorded all the instruments himself. Please note though that gigs he does while traveling are solo acoustic unless you can provide other musicians for him to work with!


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