Processing through the Pineal Gland

Finding yourself in the middle of the emotional soup left over by the eclipse energy’s?…well your not alone. Trying to integrate these new illuminated solar light codes through any mental capacity or processing is both illusory and unattainable. The opportunity to use fluctuating emotional energy from one end of the emotional spectrum to the other assists us to activate our Pineal Gland and process without the mental attachment is a challenge for all to say the least. At the end of this lengthy empowerment insight as to how to do just that is a full blown channeled invocation that takes the 12 solar aspects of Deity and integrates them into every person’s 5th Density Crystalline spine and all 12 Solar Sun Chakras. Doing this as part of a regular meditation each day will activate and integrate these codes into your Beingness by expanding the conscious receptors of your Pineal Gland.

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