Introducing the labels YouTube Channel

Greetings to all musicians, truth seekers and subscribers

The label is very humble to present it’s own dedicated YouTube Channel where only videos directly pertaining to the artists and personnel who run the label will be featured. The channel will cover a wide array of style and genres of music as well as some insights, personal blogs and interviews directly associated with the creation and production of the music featured for release on the label. There will be live videos and promotional trailers and videos for single releases, upcoming albums, ceremonial and spiritual projects as well as special project related videos for all to enjoy and share.

A lot of the music featured at the channel will be in the 432Hz healing frequency which is a stand alone unique aspect of the conscious nature of the label, it’s intentions and output to the global market. If you have a unique video that you would like to share with us then just inbox us at the channel when you subscribe and don’t forget to activate the little notification bell next to the Subscribe button so you will receive updates on when we upload a new video.

Blessings and love to all…..Namaste

Transference Records Team

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