7th Sense LIVE Performance at Lovefest 2018

The scene last Sat night was set after an amazing opening invocation and intention setting by the co creators of Lovefest 2018 for what would be a night of deep transcendence and an energetic exploration into a wider dimensional shift. So much energy concentrated in one space opened up the 11.11.11` portal to the 11th Gateway of Heaven on mother earth and the band didn’t disappoint. Performing in the 432Hz healing frequency the intention was set by both band and audience to purify the space using an imprint of love and compassion in the water in the swimming pool. The performance lasting just over 55mins contained the following musical journeys and was presented by, Fiona Davies (Vocals and Flute), Nataraj (Didgeridoo) and Mike Puskas (Guitars and Vocals)

1. A Fractal of First Source (432Hz)

2. Shima Shima (432Hz)

3. Love is everything (432Hz)

4. Call of Anubis (432Hz)

5. 11.11 Foresight to the Future (432Hz)

6. Viveka Within (432Hz)

The entire performance can be viewed at the video link below.

If anyone wants to learn more about our programs for the purification of cellular memory or the wonder that is frequency and higher vibration please get in touch at: contact@transferencerecords.com Blessings to all. Shanti Shanti




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