Lovefest Line-up 2018

The 7th Sense (local edition) revealed live for the very first time at Lovefest 2018 on 11.11.18. That’s right this Saturday the sold out event in Newcastle “lovefest” in flow will feature the frequency talents of, Chandika (Fiona Davies) on Flute, Vocals and Chants, Nataraj on Didgeridoo and bubble of joy personality, Mike Puskas on 12 String, Acoustic, Vocals and special guest Shayne on Kahon / percussion. The performance will feature a 50min set tuned in the 432Hz healing frequency in celebration of the powerful energetic transformation of 11.11 and plays at 11.00pm on the 11th. What could be more cosmically aligned than that?

Shanti Shanti

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