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Having conversations here today about how to go about developing and working on the website for Transference Records, to showcase and help artists have profiles they can share, with a blog which will give a more intimate connection with musicians and artists, there is a lot of talent our there! and everyone is unique, spiritual based conscious music seems to be rising in popularity as we can see there is a shift going on on the planet where many have outgrown the old ways of fighting with the system, struggle etc

While the whole new age music “thing” gave us some interesting music useful for meditation etc it lacked that fire and drive. Often it lacked that strength that pushes a soul on, that drives one to want to make changes in life, to rise up, music which en-passions us sending shivers down the spine.

We believe in a music which crosses many boundaries and cultures, nothing new but it’s understood that there is a need and market for true authentic spiritual music which contains a balance of the elements without being too bland, the light, the dark.. all of it!

The question is for 2018 and into 2019, how to go about doing business in a more authentic way in which one feels in flow! breaking down the limitations (or perceived limitation!) and forging bravely and boldly onto new frontiers.

That said to put simply, we love music, we love life the gift of life and very much looking forward to bringing collaborations and musicians to see how this space grows.

Wishing all a great day

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This is what the world needs. While I agree it’s important to understand the capacity for darkness, this world and those in it desperately need that which they have cast aside and forsaken. I’m very excited to be able to witness this undertaking, your path is long and narrow.

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