1111 Foresight to the Future Music Video


This video represents a tiny fragment of conscious evolution outside of time space, a new dimension of deeper understanding and the magic that is synchronicity in connection to the existence of all things outside the illusory reality of the 3D. 11.11 Foresight is a simple awakening to the window of the soul and it’s co-creation with the universe in divine harmony.

We see it as an ascension symptom and one that connects US to ALL. The TOTIA (the one that is all) the first step in self correction to mirror the light that is blinding to our individual and yet collective conscious development. The images and synergy within the bubble of joy that is life presented here is grounded in the gratitude principle that more and more of us exhibit through the expression of the appropriate behaviors to others each day.

The alignment of 11.11 and the master numerology of 22 etc is a mark of spiritual change outside of the dependency’s enforced unwittingly by the emotional state of being and the hosts we allow to feed off our connection to the light of divine first source. Welcome this change as it is a window to a certain future for all of our species. 1111 Foresight to the Future Music Video by Michael A Puskas Produced by Guy Lozier in association with Higher Destiny Productions & Infinite Offspring Films P & C 2018 All rights reserved worldwide in perpetuity

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