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Welcome! This is an invitation to all local and international spiritual seekers, travelers, healers and leaders; to join this healing pilgrimage and encourage those international musicians of the world (who feel called) to join us on the airwaves, stages of the world, in voice and instrument, in this collective ‘Song of Healing’.

Transference Records is an internationally established record label, management agency and conscious music collective that are taking their healing songs – presented in the 432Hz healing frequency – to the indigenous people of South Africa and beyond! Based out of Australia, South Africa and the UK; the artists featured on our global roster present a unique mix of subliminal healing sonic vibration, that nurtures and nourishes the natural lay lines of the earth – birthing new harmony and balance across our beloved Gaia.

The universal mission of the label, and its affiliates, will be to support water purification initiatives and non-profit groups across the indigenous countries of the world. Special tours and performances will be facilitated in and around Sacred Sites, and Earth energy centres, across South Africa, India, Europe, China and Australia – inviting the resident indigenous communities, along with their local musicians and instruments, to join in this amazing ‘Song of Healing’ gathering; adding their own unique vibrations into the mix.

As a Unique Global Collective, those of us called to this sacred journey will experience an inner and outer healing of Self; and will stimulate a conscious co-creation, in divine harmony, with the universe each day. In so doing, we will consciously – with intent, and in the spirit of Ubuntu (we are all one) – share these healing songs with every lightbody, spirit and soul on the planet; helping restore physical and spiritual health to the land and its people.

The philosophy of Ubuntu is strongly reflected in the creation of ‘Relation’ between our international guests and local communities, in the healing and honouring of the land, in the co-creation of music and in the sharing of talents. We envision this journey will create strong ties with individuals and communities along the way in order that we may forge mutual sharing and support on the Ubuntu Planet website.

Healing concerts will be performed in different sacred sites and energy centres, each with its own unique healing intention. It is on this sacred pilgrimage across South Africa, and the loving centres of the world, and the journey in-between these concerts, that a special magic occurs! Those of us called, will explore, interact with, and connect to, the Collective Song of Our Mother Earth – the energy, wisdom & spirit she holds in her womb of self discovery and human interface in the Cosmos. We will experience authentic meetings and interactions with the indigenous communities, their musicians, healers and elders; taking time for meditation, ceremonies and the seeding of intentions for oneself, the planet and all humanity.

All this will be performed with a lightness of heart, in a bubble of universal joy, in gratitude and in greater service to others. We will harmoniously co-create a fun-filled spatial journey of healing Earth – and our species – by re-discovering, honouring and remembering the Oneness we all collectively share. Come and join our Collective ‘Song of Healing’!



Transference Records is a music and entertainment web page that brings you the best of conscious and spiritualy moving music.

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